“Do I Have What It Takes” Poem by Keith Rhoden

This is a Fractal Muse Production poem narrated, and written by Keith Rhoden. Animation by Ashton Thomas, and Music by Zabdiel Campbell.

Fractal Muse is an upcoming Media Company, full of multi-talented individuals,

who’s main target, and goal is to inspire the nations by, bringing them closer to God,

through spoken word/poetry, music, dance, animation, fashion, books, film, documentary, Tv series, and much more.

This poem covers what men face almost everyday. The big question, Do I Have What It Takes?

No matter who you are in the world, this question will cross your mind at some point in life, and the reality is that alot of men are still asking this now!

But there is hope.

Hope you all enjoy God bless.

AtticGaming86 Youtube Channel Intro

This introduction video was made for Stephen Digby’s gaming channel AtticGaming86, by Ashton Thomas, and music was composed by myself.
Hey game lovers from all over the world, here is Stephen Digby’s very own gaming channel where he play’s, review’s, and talk’s about gaming topics. He hope’s to provide fun content for retro and current gaming fans. He has a huge passion for horror survival games, but he does play other genres. His gaming experience dates back to the Commodore 64 all the way up to current gen.
He has always wanted to do a gaming channel to bring people great and honest content around the video game industry but didn’t have the courage to start one until now. If you like what you see please give his videos a Thumbs Up and don’t forget to Subscribe to keep yourself updated with the content he upload’s.
Consoles he hope’s to record on which he own’s will be:

Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Mega Drive 2, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube Ps2, Xbox Original, Nintendo Ds, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Pc/Laptop

Please don’t forget to subscribe and Like, Plus leave comments on the AtticGaming86 youtube channel.

Thanks, and enjoy.

“Miguel Tribute”

This Tribute is to our loving brother, and friend Dr.Miguel Tetteh-Martey.
In this video is a compilation of various games, and anime that Miguel
enjoyed. Myself, Miguel, and his brothers, Terry, and William use to play the majority of these titles online together.
So this video was put together by Myself and one of my good friends Lionel Prince in memory of Miguel. Hope you enjoy, Its an epic one.

2014 KZ Inc Project

KZ inc, is myself and Keith Rhoden’s New company. Keith Rhoden
is a very blessed, an inspirational Christian Poet/writer/film director.

This project was inspired by God, and its a blessing to be apart of this movement of the Almighty God.
We are currently working on our upcoming album “Heavens Diary”
which is going to be an instrumental album filled with wonderfully composed, and encouraging songs.

Here is one of our latest works “Silent before you”. A Poem by Keith Rhoden,
and music/video by myself.
Hope you enjoy.

God bless.

2014 OST’s and Production

Hey Fans, Family, and Friends.

Now we are in 2014. What your about to hear, is the sound of the new and inproved me.
From this point forward, it only gets better.
I want to keep you all, on the edge of your seats.

I now have a new set up, and new sofware.
So anything made from now is going to be Epic!

I would really like your opinions, and support, as
it will push me to become a better composer.
I’m not the greatest on the piano, or 100%
on notation, But because I play by ear, I know how to
arrange music due to the gift from God, to sing. Amoung these extracts
is a remix that I composed to one of my favourite songs “Dont Judge Me” by Chris Brown. This is not an official version of the song,
its just a fan made remix.
The instrumental is also available in this post.

So stay tuned for new posts.

Enjoy, and God bless you all!

2013 Material

In this year I had the honour in composing for Hummad Nazir, the brother of Jawaad Nazir, who did the animation for “Street Fighter Internal Battle”.
This was for an upcoming game called “Unknown” that is soon to be released. By this time I had advanced in everything, so now the overall sound of my compositions
had increased by miles.

Amoung these extracts, there’s also music I composed for a group of two young inspirational
friends of mine who are on fire for God. Dean, and Shane Brown. Who go by the name Sonz Of Thunder.
This song is a very inspirational song, about one of the greatest men, who we will definately miss,
the legend, Nelson Mandela.

Have Fun, and enjoy!