2014 OST’s and Production

Hey Fans, Family, and Friends.

Now we are in 2014. What your about to hear, is the sound of the new and inproved me.
From this point forward, it only gets better.
I want to keep you all, on the edge of your seats.

I now have a new set up, and new sofware.
So anything made from now is going to be Epic!

I would really like your opinions, and support, as
it will push me to become a better composer.
I’m not the greatest on the piano, or 100%
on notation, But because I play by ear, I know how to
arrange music due to the gift from God, to sing. Amoung these extracts
is a remix that I composed to one of my favourite songs “Dont Judge Me” by Chris Brown. This is not an official version of the song,
its just a fan made remix.
The instrumental is also available in this post.

So stay tuned for new posts.

Enjoy, and God bless you all!


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