Anomaly Dance – Full Videos

Here are the promised videos from our collaboration with Anomaly Dance. Both members of the dance duo produced individual performances that we were on hand to capture and put our ‘FM’ spin on. We want to thank the sublime camera and editing work of Chiba Visuals and suggest that you check out more of their work here. The poetry was written by our very own Keith Rhoden and the original score by Zabdiel Campbell.

The videos showcase the contemporary dance expertise of Calvin Anderson and Nicole Nyemi-Tei and their inspired takes on the music by Zacardi Cortez and Tamela Mann respectively. Calvin’s video, in particular, is preceded by a spoken word performance of Secret Place by Stassia McPherson.

Calvin’s video is named after the song 1 On 1 by Zacardi Cortez, but why did he choose it as his muse?

The song ‘1 On 1’ really connected with my spirit. Mostly because I got to a point in my journey where I needed more of God but I always got distracted and I chose not to make time for Him. And now I need his time more than ever, not just for myself but to be able to fully tap into His power and be used for His will.

So what moved Nicole to create the following video to the music of Tamela Mann’s Take Me To The King?

My inspiration for ‘Take Me To The King’ was mainly the lyrics and how I related to most of the song. It was very fitting at the time as I felt as though I was losing my close relationship with God. This inspired me to create this piece as a sign of what I was going through. It also served to minister to and bless any women who have been hurt and have felt lost in their lives and to ultimately glorify God in the process through the showing of my gift.

So what did you think of our latest pieces of work? We welcome comments and suggestions so please leave something in the section below.


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